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Angen siarad â rhywun nawr?

  • Cael cyngor cyfreithiol cyfrinachol am ddim

    Galwch 08001 225 6653
  • Dydd Llun i Ddydd Gwener 9.00am i 8.00pm
  • Dydd Sadwrn 9.00am i 12.30pm
  • Mae galwadau yn costio o 4c y funud - neu gofynnwch i ni eich ffonio'n ôl

Chwiliwch am gynghorwyr yn eich ardal chi


Sut i ddelio â�ch dyledion. Mae�n cynnwys sut i ddelio â threfniadau llys.

Gwybodaeth a chyngor o wefannau eraill

  • Help with debt

    Explains how to seek help with debt problems, including information on organisations which may be able to provide help.

    From: Adviceguide from Citizens Advice

  • Help with debt fact sheet (PDF)

    Information on dealing with debt, including identifying debts, prioritising and budgeting.

    From: Adviceguide from Citizens Advice

  • Seven mistakes you must not make if you want to get out of debt

    Top tips on getting out of debt. The website also offers an 'ask an expert' feature where you can pose your question and see advice given to other users.

    From: TalkAboutDebt

  • Dealing with debt

    You're in debt. You can't pay your bills. You've missed the payments on the house, car, and credit cards. Advice to help you deal with the problem.

    From: TheSite

  • Priority and non-priority debts

    Information on what debts are considered 'priority' or 'non-priority'. When you are in debt it is important to know whether these debts are priority or non-priority debts, as this will help you to work out your options and how to handle the debt.

    From: Shelter

  • Frequently asked questions about debt

    Answers questions such as 'my debts are getting out of control, what can I do?'.

    From: Adviceguide from Citizens Advice

  • Budget sheet

    Budget sheet to help with planning and paying off debts.

    From: Adviceguide from Citizens Advice

  • Finance jargon buster (PDF)

    Glossary of useful terms in personal finance.

    From: Adviceguide from Citizens Advice

  • Debt Test

    Asks you a series of questions to help you find out whether you have - or are likely to have - problems with your borrowing, and then provides feedback on what you can do.

    From: Money Made Clear

  • Financial healthcheck

    A questionnaire to check the state of your finances. Includes tips for a healthier financial lifestyle.

    From: Money Made Clear

  • Debt advice

    Information to help you deal with your debt problem. Includes national telephone helpline for people with debt problems and a self help pack that contains all the information and standard letters you need to deal with your own debt problem. This information applies to England and Wales.

    From: National Debtline

  • Debt solutions

    Information on the different debt solutions that are available, including a section comparing the different aspects of each option.

    From: Debt Advice Foundation

  • Mortgage shortfalls

    Explains what a mortgage shortfall is and how long you can be pursued for the debt. Includes what to do if you dispute the amount and how to negotiate repayments.

    From: National Debtline

  • Selling your property to clear your mortgage debts

    Information about selling your property to clear your mortgage debt including handing back the keys and making up a shortfall following the sale.

    From: Adviceguide from Citizens Advice

  • Debt Advice Foundation

    Debt advice and confidential support from an impartial UK charity. Includes links to budget planners and other online tools.

    From: Debt Advice Foundation

  • Debt management plan

    A Debt Management Plan (DMP) is an affordable repayment programme set up, for free, by National Debtline and managed by an independent company. Explains who can use the service and how it works.

    From: National Debtline

  • Debt relief orders

    Information about debt relief orders, including who can apply, how to apply and type of debts which can be included. What debtors can and cannot do during the debt relief order period.

    From: Adviceguide from Citizens Advice

  • How to deal with business debt

    Outlines the types of debt you may have if you had a small business and have stopped trading or have been self-employed. Gives contacts for further advice.

    From: National Debtline

  • How to deal with Hire Purchase debt

    Explains what Hire Purchase is, and what to do if you fall behind with payments on a Hire Purchase agreement. Explains your rights and the rights of your creditors.

    From: National Debtline

  • Overdue utility bills

    This explains what to do if you can't pay a utility bill. It has information on benefits and who to contact if you have difficulties dealing with your fuel supplier.

    From: Directgov

  • Individual voluntary arrangements (IVA)

    An IVA is an alternative to bankruptcy. explains what it is, and who it's suitable for. You need an insolvency practitioner to set up an IVA and you will have to pay a fee for their services.

    From: National Debtline

  • Full and final settlement offers

    Explains what full and final settlement offers are and when they may be a useful way out of debt. Also contains a sample letter to help you write to your creditors.

    From: National Debtline

  • Turn2us

    A database of charities that offer financial help to individuals in need. For example some charities provide grants to pay bills or buy essential items.

    From: Turn2us

  • Income tax arrears (PDF)

    Information on dealing with income tax arrears, including contacting HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

    From: Adviceguide from Citizens Advice

  • Consumer Credit Counselling Service Debt Remedy

    CCCS can provide you with free confidential debt advice and support.

    From: Consumer Credit Counselling Service

  • Darparwyd y dolennau gan Advicenow Gwefan annibynnol ddi-elw yw Advicenow sydd yn darparu gwybodaeth ynglŷn â hawliau a materion cyfreithiol. Mae'r dolennau a ddarparwyd gan Advicenow wedi'u dewis yn ofalus o dros 200 o wefannau o'r DU gan gynghorwyr profiadol.

Ein dewisiadau rhagorol

Offeryn rheoli dyled

Defnyddiwch ein offeryn rheoli dyled i gael cyngor ar ddyled am ddim ac yn ddiduedd.

Delio â dyled

Eich hawliau cyfreithiol pan fo gennych ddyledion, a’r amddiffyniad sydd gennych rhag pobl sy’n hawlio arian oddi arnoch.

Beth ydi pwerau beilïod a chasglwyr dyledion?

Eich hawliau wrth ddelio â beilïod neu gasglwyr dyledion.

an_debtmoneyandtax_5.JPGSut alla i ddelio â’m hôl-ddyledion treth Cyngor?

Yr hyn allwch ei wneud pan fyddwch ar ôl gyda thalu eich treth Cyngor.

Angen cyngor nawr?

Ffoniwch 08001 225 6653 am gyngor cyfrinachol a diduedd am ddim, neu gofynnwch i ni eich ffonio neu eich e-bostio'n ôl.

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