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Help for your problems in BSL

Gurkha Free Legal Advice is a free confidential legal advice service paid for by legal aid. It is available to residents of England and Wales.

We are here to help you with your legal problems. We can provide independent advice about:

  • Debt
  • Education
  • Benefits and tax credits
  • Employment
  • Housing problems.

Need information?

Our signed programmes will help you to find out what to do about your legal problems.

Need to speak to someone?

Get us to call you back. You can ask for an operator to call using typetalk or minicom.

Need a legal adviser?

You can search our directory for advisers that use BSL or have access to BSL interpreters.

Got a webcam?

Do you have a webcam?

You can chat via a web cam to a BSL specialist advisor about your problems.

This service is offered in association with the Royal Association for Deaf people.

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