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Can I get legal aid?

Use the CLS Direct Legal Aid Calculator to see if you are eligible for legal aid.

The CLS Direct Legal Aid Calculator allows you to find out if you could get legal aid (CLS-funded help) for a civil case.

You will be asked a series of questions about your legal problem and financial situation. For reasons of data protection, none of the information entered into the calculator is saved, so it is completely confidential and anonymous.

You can print out the results at the end for your own records.

The calculator's results do not guarantee that you will receive CLS-funded help but will act as a guide. To get the most accurate results you may need to have certain personal documents to hand.

Please see Legal Aid Calculator Help for further information.

NB. If you need funding for Legal Representation for Domestic Violence proceedings (i.e. protection from harm), special rules apply. You may still qualify for help if your income and capital are above the limits set out in the guidance for this calculator. You should contact a legal adviser; do not use the calculator.

NB. If you receive benefits from the National Asylum Support Service (NASS), special rules may apply. To find out if these rules apply to you, you should contact a legal adviser. You can do this by using the CLS Legal Adviser Directory, which has details of all solicitors and legal advisers in England and Wales who have the Community Legal Service Quality Mark.

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