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મારી મુલાકાત છુપાવો

શું મારે અત્યારે કોઇની સાથે વાત કરવાની જરૂર છે?

  • મફત, ગુપ્ત કાનૂની સલાહ મેળવો

    08001 225 6653પર ફોન કરો
  • સોમ-શુક્ર સવારે 9 - સાંજે 8.00
  • શનિ સવારે 9 - બપોરે12:30
  • કૉલનો દર મિનિટના 4 પેન્સ થી લઇને - અથવા અમારી પાસે સામો ફોન કરાવો

તમારા વિસ્તારમાં કોઇ કાનૂની સલાહકાર શોધો


This page explains accessibility features on this website.

  • Accessibility statement
  • Reading this website
  • Hearing this website
  • Understanding this website
  • Navigating this website using access keys
  • Accessing information in other languages
  • Feedback

Accessibility statement

This website has been built with accessibility in mind. We have tried to make this website as easy to use for as many people as possible.

  • Text on pages can be resized.
  • Images have alternative text descriptions.
  • No information is exclusively conveyed using colour.
  • You can use access keys to navigate this site.
  • Our site is Browsealoud compatible.

We are dedicated to improving the accessibility of this site. We are currently have a Shaw Trust website "Accessible" accreditation.

Reading this website

You can change the appearance of this website using your web browser.

Making text larger or smaller (Internet Explorer or Firefox)

In the Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox web browsers, use the 'Text size' option under the ‘View’ menu to increase or decrease text size.

Changing fonts or colour (Internet Explorer)

To turn off fonts and colours select ‘Internet Options’ from the ‘Tools’ menu, and press the ‘Accessibility’ button.

Changing fonts or colour (Mozilla Firefox)

To adjust colours go to ‘Options’ under the ‘Tools’ menu and select ‘Content’. Use the:

  • ‘Colours’ button to specify the colours you would like links, text and background displayed in
  • ‘Advanced’ button to specify the fonts you would like text displayed in.

Hearing this website

Our website is compatible with Browsealoud software. This is a free program you can download that will read aloud pages of this website to you.

Once the software has been installed you can scroll your mouse over the text on our website and Browsealoud will read it aloud.

To download a copy please visit the Browsealoud website.

We are currently changing the information guides we provide on our website, our new guides use built in 'Readspeaker' software to read out the guides. See more information on the guides.

Understanding this website


All Gurkha Free Legal Advice guides and leaflets have been awarded Plain Language Commission’s Clear English Standard.

Website text on other pages is checked to ensure it follows plain English principles where possible.

Other languages

You will soon be able to view much of the information on this website in the following languages.

  • Welsh
  • Chinese (simplified)
  • Urdu
  • Bengali
  • Hindi
  • Punjabi
  • Gujurati
  • Turkish
  • Arabic

Wherever possible, non-English versions of this site are provided using Unicode. This is an encoding system to support non-English text used on websites.

If your selected language cannot be viewed correctly (eg text appears as lots of boxes or other unexpected characters), you will need to install a Unicode font that contains the correct characters for the language you have chosen. You will need to set your web browser to use this font.

You can find out how to do this by going to the homepage of the language you wish to view the site in.

Some parts of this website are available in English and Welsh only, such as our directory of legal advisers and our legal aid eligibility calculator.

You can access these services in other languages over the telephone by calling our help line on 08001 225 6653.

Navigating this site using access keys

You can navigate this website using access keys. To navigate using your keyboard, please hold down your 'Alt' key (Windows) or 'Ctrl' key (Apple) and press the relevant key from the following list.

If you are using Internet Explorer, you will then need to press 'Enter'.

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If you have any difficulties accessing information from our website, or have any suggestions, we would like to hear from you.

Please contact us.

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