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What if my landlord is harassing me?

Landlords, like anyone else, must treat you with respect. Here's what you can do if your landlord is harassing you.

What if my landlord is harassing me?

If you are being harassed, or are facing illegal eviction by a private landlord, contact the person at your local council who deals with harassment and illegal evictions (sometimes called the tenancy relations officer). Look in your phone book for contact details.

The council should try and deal with the harassment, and explain the law covering this to your landlord and how they must obey it. The council may also prosecute the landlord, though this is rare.

You can also take action through the courts yourself, though you'll need expert legal help to do this. You or your solicitor or adviser can apply for an injunction (court order) to stop your landlord harassing you or make them let you back into your home. If the landlord does not comply, they may be fined or sent to prison. You should also be able to claim compensation. If the case is urgent, you can apply for an emergency injunction, which will usually last for up to a week, before there is a full court hearing.

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