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The types of loan you can use to buy a house or flat that are paid off over a long period of time. The loan is secured on the property, which means that the mortgage lender can go to court to evict you if you do not keep up the repayments, or if you break the terms of the mortgage agreement.

Information and advice from other websites

  • Mortgages

    Straightforward information about all aspects of mortgages, including how mortgages work, problems getting a mortgage, and switching mortgages.

    From: Shelter

  • How mortgages work

    Explains the different repayment and interest options that are available for you if you need a mortgage. Also covers joint mortgages, mortgage protection and government standards on charges, access and terms. (England only)

    From: Shelter

  • Just the facts about mortgages

    Explains the different types of mortgages you can get, tells you how to get one, and answers some of the questions you may have.

    From: Money Made Clear

  • Choosing a mortgage

    When shopping around for a mortgage, it's important to get good advice. Think about your financial situation in advance and ask your financial adviser some key questions. This page only applies to England.

    From: Shelter

  • Applying for a mortgage

    You need to work out how much you can afford to borrow. Once you've done this it's a good idea to apply for a mortgage early, so you can act quickly when you find a property you like. This page only applies to England

    From: Shelter

  • Endowment mortgages

    A guide on what to do if you are worried that your endowment won't pay off your mortgage. Also explains how to make a complaint.

    From: Money Made Clear

  • Money made clear - comparison tables

    You can use these tables to compare similar financial products such as mortgages, savings accounts and personal pensions.

    From: Money Made Clear

  • Endowment shortfalls

    If you have been told that your endowment policy may not pay off your mortgage at the end of its term, you may be able to make a complaint and get compensation.(Applies in England only)

    From: Shelter

  • Mortgage arrears

    You could have problems paying your mortgage for many different reasons such as the end of a relationship, the loss of a job, or unexpected expenses such as having a baby. If you have financial problems, you need to act quickly. This page applies to England.

    From: Shelter

  • Just the facts about what to do when you can't pay your mortgage (PDF)

    Explains what you can do if you can't pay your mortgage, sets out what help is available and answers some of the questions you may have.

    From: Money Made Clear

  • Mortgage rescue schemes

    Information on schemes which help homeowners who are struggling to pay their mortgage, including private and government-run schemes and those run by social landlords, and where to find financial advice.

    From: Adviceguide from Citizens Advice

  • Negative equity - what can i do if i want to move house?

    Explains what negative equity is and what you may be able to do about it, with the agreement of your mortgage lender, if you need to move.

    From: National Debtline

  • Help with mortgage interest

    If you are claiming certain benefits, you may be able to get help with your housing costs, including mortgage interest and interest on loans you have taken out for repairs or improvements. This type of help is often referred to as support for mortgage interest (SMI) or income support mortgage interest (ISMI) payments.

    From: Shelter

  • Help with mortgage costs if you're out of work

    Help with mortgage costs if you're out of work including which benefits you must be getting to get help with your mortgage, how much of your mortgage costs can be paid and whether you can get your mortgage costs paid straight away.

    From: Adviceguide from Citizens Advice

  • Complaints about lenders

    If you own your home and have a mortgage, you can complain about your bank, building society or mortgage lender if you think you have been treated unfairly. This page only applies to England.

    From: Shelter

  • Changing your mortgage

    If you already have a mortgage, you may want to switch to a different mortgage or (a different lender) to get a better deal. This may save you money, and it may be possible to arrange temporary or long term changes. This page only applies to England.

    From: Shelter

  • Coming off a fixed-rate mortgage

    Information about coming off a fixed-rate mortgage in the near future.

    From: Money Advice Trust

  • Just the facts about equity release schemes (PDF)

    Information about equity release schemes, which allow older people to use the value of their home to raise additional income or a cash lump sum.

    From: Money Made Clear

  • Selling your property to clear your mortgage debts

    Information about selling your property to clear your mortgage debt including handing back the keys and making up a shortfall following the sale.

    From: Adviceguide from Citizens Advice

  • What happens when your mortgage lender takes you to court?

    Information on what a lender must do before seeking possession, including pre-action protocols, and decisions a court can make. (Applies in England only)

    From: Adviceguide from Citizens Advice

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