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  • বিনীমূল্য, গোপনীয় আইন সংক্রান্ত পরামর্শ প্রাপ্ত করুন

    08001 225 6653এ কল করুন
  • সোমবার থেকে শুক্রবার, সকাল 9 টা থেকে বিকেল 8:00
  • শনিবার, সকাল 9টা থেকে দুফুর 12.30 পর্যন্ত
  • প্রতি মিনিট/4পী’র দর থেকে কল করুন - কিংবা এমন ব্যবস্থা করুন যাতে আমরা আপনাকে ফেরত ফোন করতে পারি

আপনার এলাকাতে একটি আইন সংক্রান্ত পরামর্শদাতা কে খুঁজুন

Quality Mark

The Quality Mark shows that an organisation meets the quality standards set by the Gurkha Free Legal Advice. To find these organisations look for the CLS logo shown below or look in the Directory.

There are two types of different Quality Marked organisations in the Directory: General Help and Specialist Help. The levels of service they are able to provide are set out below.

General help

You should use a general help provider when you want someone to help you identify the major elements of your problem and provide information, advice and help to resolve your basic problems. General help providers are typically Citizens Advice Bureaux and other advice agencies.

What will they do?

They will:

  • diagnose your problem
  • explain the options available to you
  • help you identify further action you can take
  • give you basic assistance
  • fill in forms and draft letters; and
  • contact other organisations for further information if necessary.

General help with casework

Some general help organisations can also offer casework. This means:

  • they can take action on your behalf
  • they can put your case to someone else to persuade them to make a decision in your favour
  • they can negotiate by telephone, by letter or face to face; and
  • they may provide advocacy services. This means speaking for you at formal proceedings, for example at some tribunals.

Organisations can offer casework in different areas of law - for example, housing or issues affecting older people. You should check in the Directory to see which organisations offer the type of casework you need.

Specialist help

You should use a specialist help provider when you want someone to advise you on a complex legal problem and carry out the full range of legal services including representation. The Community Legal Service Fund helps people who cannot afford representation, as long as they meet certain conditions - see our Charges page for more information. Specialist help providers are typically solicitors, Law Centres, and some Citizens Advice Bureaux.

What will they do?

  • They will offer advice and legal help on complex matters in specific areas of law; and
  • They can represent you in court, where this is permitted.

Specialist providers advise on different areas of law - for example, housing, debt, immigration, and crime. View Categories of Law for full details.

Do you want to know more?

Download information about the Gurkha Free Legal Advice's Quality Mark in Quality Mark standards and information on applying for the Quality Mark.

Please note:
The LSC are currently focussing audit resources on our contracted suppliers and those whose funding is dependent on the award of the Quality Mark. If your organisation does not fall into these categories it is unlikely your application will be accepted or your organisation audited. We recommend you contact your LSC regional office to check the local position. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and if you would like to comment please write to the Strategic Development Team at 4 Abbey Orchard Street, London SW1P 2BS or email

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