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Family & personal

British Sign Language (BSL) information films for help with your legal problems. Click on a button to pick a topic.

Domestic abuse - practical advice

Domestic abuse includes all kinds of behaviour that is meant to hurt or frighten you. It can mean hitting and slapping or cruel words and threats that are meant to scare you. Domestic abuse can happen to anyone. This film answers some common question about domestic abuse, and outlines how you can use the law to protect yourself from abuse.

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Care proceedings

This video outlines your legal position if the local authority (your local council) is concerned about your childs welfare and is considering care proceedings. The leaflet is written mainly for parents and carers, but it is also for other people, including family members, who are involved in looking after a child and who may become involved in care proceedings.

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Divorce and separation

Family break-ups are never easy. They can bring out the worst in many of us. But if you decide to divorce or separate, there are good reasons to keep things polite and civilised between you and your partner. This film gives you advice about what you should do if you're considering divorce or separation.

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Living together

Legally, there are big differences between living with your partner and being married to them. Living together does not give you legal rights over each other, or legal duties and responsibilities to each other. This film gives you advice about your rights and responsibilities, and explains what happens if you split up.

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Dealing with a will

When you make a will, you can say how your funeral should be dealt with, and what will happen to your possessions and other assets (your 'estate') when you die. If you die without making a will (called 'dying intestate'), it can be complicated to work out who will get what. This film looks at some commonly asked questions about wills.

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