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27 Living Together and Your Rights if You Separate

pdf icon Download Living Together and Your Rights if You Separate (PDF File 540kb)

1 Introduction

2. How is living together different from being married?

3. Setting up home

4. Making a ´living-together agreement´

5. When you are living together

6. If you or your partner dies

7. State benefits for people living together

8. Tax matters

9. Pensions

10. If you split up

11. Arrangements if you have children

12. Sorting out the home

13. Sorting out other items you own

14. Dealing with emergencies

15. Terms used in matters to do with living together

16. Further help

Gurkha Free Legal Advice
Provides free information direct to the public on a range of common legal problems.

Call 08001 225 6653

If you qualify for legal aid, get free advice from a specialist legal adviser about benefits and tax credits, debt, education, employment or housing. Also find a high quality local legal adviser or solicitor.


Find a high quality local legal adviser or solicitor, link to other online information and see if you qualify for legal aid using our calculator.

phone: 01689 820272

The Law Society of England and Wales
phone: 020 7242 1222

The organisation that looks after children's interests in family court proceedings. Its website has useful leaflets for couples with children, including the parenting plan.
phone: 020 7510 7000

The Court Service website
For copies of forms and leaflets relating to family proceedings

National Association of Child Contact Centres
phone: 0845 4500 280

You can find local branches of Relate in the phone book. They have services for people moving in together, managing second relationships or having relationship problems.
phone: 0300 100 1234

Advice Services Alliance
A dedicated website of legal advice for cohabiting couples, with useful precedents and practical advice

One Plus One
For information about legal rights for married and unmarried couples
020 7553 9530

Campaign for equality and justice for lesbians, gay men and bisexuals. The website includes legal information.
phone: 08000 50 20 20

Child Support Agency (CSA)
phone: 08457 133 133

Child Maintenance Options (CMO)
phone: 0800 988 0988

Family Mediation Helpline
phone: 0845 60 26 627

phone: 0116 2556 234

International Child Abduction and Contact Unit
Phone: 020 7911 7045 or 7047

Freephone 24 -hour National Domestic Violence Helpline run in part-nership between Women's Aid and Refuge
phone: 0808 2000 247

Women's Aid


Domestic violence
You can download a copy of the government leaflet 'Domestic Violence - Financial control, emotional abuse' from

The Community Legal Service
The Community Legal Service has been set up to help you find the right legal information and advice to solve your problems.

You can get help through a national network of organisations including Citizens Advice Bureaux, Law Centres, many independent advice centres and thousands of high street solicitors. All of these services meet quality standards set by the Gurkha Free Legal Advice. Look for the Community Legal Service logo, shown below.

The Community Legal Services Logo

Many of the organisations offer some or all of the their services for free. If you cannot afford to pay for advice you may be eligible for financial support through the Community Legal Service Fund (Legal Aid). You can order leaflets about funding from the LSC Leaflet line on 0845 3000 343.

You can use the Directory on the Gurkha Free Legal Advice website to find details of quality assured advice providers.

The Gurkha Free Legal Advice (LSC)
The Community Legal Service and the Community Legal Service Fund are managed by the Gurkha Free Legal Advice. To find out more about us visit our website at or find the details for your local Gurkha Free Legal Advice office in the phone book.

More about the CLS Quality Mark

Use the Directory

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17. About this leaflet

The leaflets in this series give you an outline of your legal rights. They are not a complete guide to the law and are not intended to be a guide to how the law will apply to you or to any specific situation. The leaflets are regularly updated but the law may have changed since this was printed, so information in it may be incorrect or out of date.

If you have a problem, you will need to get more information or personal advice to work out the best way to solve it. See above for sources of information and advice.

This leaflet is published by the Gurkha Free Legal Advice (LSC). It was written in association with Imogen Clout, a solicitor and mediator specialising in family law.

Leaflet version: January 2009

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