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Accommodation or advice you can get if you have nowhere to live. Your rights to stay where you are living, and when you may have to move because your home is unsuitable for you.

Information and advice from other websites

  • Homelessnessthis link opens in a new window

    Information about homelessness - how it can be avoided, who is entitled to help from the council and where to get help if you're sleeping on the streets.

    From: Shelter

  • Help for homeless peoplethis link opens in a new window

    Local authorities have a legal duty to provide help to certain people who are homeless or threatened with homelessness. Explains who qualifies for help.

    From: Adviceguide from Citizens Advice

  • Homeless people's rightsthis link opens in a new window

    You may be entitled to emergency or temporary accommodation from the council and/or help from social services. If you become homeless you don't lose the right to claim benefits, or the right to vote. (Applies in England only)

    From: Shelter

  • Applying as homelessthis link opens in a new window

    Explains what to do if you are homeless and you want to apply for help from the council housing department. The council has duties to help certain groups of homeless people. This only applies to England.

    From: Shelter

  • Homeless? Read thisthis link opens in a new window

    This guide explains the rights you may have to get help from the council if you have nowhere to live or are about to lose your home. Most homeless people can get advice and assistance to help them find a home. Some people are also entitled to accommodation. Find out how the council decides who to house and what you can do if they won't help. (Applies in England only)

    From: Shelter

  • Young people - housingthis link opens in a new window

    The rights of children and young people who are homeless including information on renting and buying accommodation.

    From: Adviceguide from Citizens Advice

  • Help from the councilthis link opens in a new window

    You can ask your local council's housing department for help if you are homeless or likely to become homeless. It has to give you advice and help you to find a place to live. In some cases, it may have to arrange accommodation for you.

    From: Shelter

  • Overview of council dutiesthis link opens in a new window

    If you don't have anywhere to live, the council's housing department might have to help you. If you apply as homeless, they will look into your circumstances to decide what help you are entitled to.

    From: Shelter

  • If the council won't helpthis link opens in a new window

    If you are homeless and the council has told you that it can't help, there may be other options open to you. This explains what you may be able to do in this situation. (Applies in England only)

    From: Shelter

  • Help from social servicesthis link opens in a new window

    If you are homeless or are in danger of losing your home and the housing department can't help, you may be able to get help from social services. (This applies to England only)

    From: Shelter

  • Avoiding homelessnessthis link opens in a new window

    There are sometimes ways to avoid becoming homeless, even when the situation appears hopeless. This page explains what you might be able to do, either on your own or with specialist help.

    From: Shelter

  • Emergency housing-rights checker toolthis link opens in a new window

    An online tool to help you find out whether you are eligible for emergency housing from the council.

    From: Shelter

  • Links provided by Advicenow Advicenow is an independent, not-for-profit website providing information on rights and legal issues. Links provided by Advicenow are hand picked from over 200 UK web sites by experienced advisers

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How to deal with many of the common problems you may have with buying or selling a house or flat.

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