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Dependencies and substance abuse

Information about physical and psychological addictions, including addictive behaviour and the misuse of substances.

Information and advice from other websites

  • Addiction basicsthis link opens in a new window

    What is an addiction and what are the signs?

    From: TheSite

  • Know your limitsthis link opens in a new window

    Advice about drinking sensibly and guidelines for safe levels of drinking alcohol.

    From: NHS Choices

  • What drink doesthis link opens in a new window

    The reasons why we react to alcohol the way we do.

    From: TheSite

  • Drink and drugsthis link opens in a new window

    Factsheets about different drugs, the effects they have on you and the health risks.

    From: TheSite

  • Quitting smoking - factsthis link opens in a new window

    Tobacco smoke contains over 4,000 different chemicals, many of which are poisons. Some might be relatively harmless by themselves, but together in smoke they make a toxic cocktail.

    From: NHS Choices

  • Smokingthis link opens in a new window

    Links to information on smoking and you health, why people smoke, living with smokers, and giving up smoking.

    From: TheSite

  • Using drugsthis link opens in a new window

    Information on first aid, advice for you if you mix drugs, and how to reduce the risks if you're going to do drugs.

    From: TheSite

  • The A-Z of drugsthis link opens in a new window

    Information about the effects of different drugs, how the law classifies them, and what it means for you. Advice about getting help, and what to do if you are worried about someone.

    From: Talk to Frank

  • Drug information, help and advicethis link opens in a new window

    Straight-talking drug information including cannabis, cocaine, heroin, ecstasy, solvents and ketamine. Covers relevant health issues and your rights on arrest.

    From: Urban 75

  • Know Cannabisthis link opens in a new window

    This website can help you assess your cannabis use, its impact on your life and how to make changes if you want to.

    From: Know Cannabis

  • Drugs and the lawthis link opens in a new window

    Information about illegal drugs and their classifications or classes, including information about the the reclassification of cannabis to a Class B drug.

    From: Home Office

  • Substance abusethis link opens in a new window

    Explains what substance abuse is, what can lead to it, and what the signs are that you may be becoming dependant .

    From: Mental Health Foundation

  • Solvent abusethis link opens in a new window

    Information about the risks and dangers associated with solvent abuse, including a list of abusable products and an investigation into the number of deaths.

    From: TheSite

  • Solventsthis link opens in a new window

    Explains what solvent abuse is, the side effects and health risks.

    From: Urban 75

  • Gases, glues and aerosolsthis link opens in a new window

    Looks at the appearance and use of solvents as well as the effects and risks of solvent abuse.

    From: Talk to Frank

  • Re-Solvthis link opens in a new window

    Information for anyone concerned about volatile solvent abuse, sometimes called inhalant abuse, sniffing, glue sniffing, tooting and huffing.

    From: Re-Solv

  • Strategies for help and supporting a problem gamblerthis link opens in a new window

    Advice and tips for dealing with problem gambling.

    From: GamCare

  • Links provided by Advicenow Advicenow is an independent, not-for-profit website providing information on rights and legal issues. Links provided by Advicenow are hand picked from over 200 UK web sites by experienced advisers

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Photograph of a woman at a doctors reception

Mental health

Being detained in hospital under the Mental Health Act 1983 can be a frightening and confusing experience. Learn about your rights if you or someone you know is detained under the admission procedure commonly known as 'sectioning'.

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Community care

If you or someone you know or look after finds it difficult to manage day-to-day living, you may be able to get help in the form of community care. Find out more.

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Care proceedings

Your legal position if social services are concerned about your child's welfare and are considering care proceedings

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Medical accidents

If you have had medical treatment that went wrong or didn't work properly, you may be able to get compensation for your injuries. Find out more.

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