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Elderly people

Older people's rights. Information about benefits, retirement age, pensions and getting care services at home.

Information and advice from other websites

  • Age UK advice guidesthis link opens in a new window

    Advice leafelts including information on benefits, financial issues, housing and home safety, care options, work, and health.

    From: Age UK

  • Retirement and pensionsthis link opens in a new window

    This section covers planning for retirement, a guide if you are about to retire, money in retirement, working and learning opportunities in retirement and pensions.

    From: Directgov

  • Am I entitled to Pension Credit?this link opens in a new window

    Explains what income and savings are taken into account when your entitlement to Pension Credit is worked out.

    From: Directgov

  • Community carethis link opens in a new window

    Community care services, includes information on assessments for services, carers, and which services may be charged for.

    From: Adviceguide from Citizens Advice

  • Care homesthis link opens in a new window

    This page explains what a care home is, how to find a care home that is right for you, and how you could pay for your place in a care home. Also includes information on means testing.

    From: Age UK

  • Going into hospital (PDF)this link opens in a new window

    Looks at how a hospital stay will affect your benefits and how to deal with any problems or concerns about your care whilst there.

    From: Age UK

  • Hospital discharge arrangements (PDF)this link opens in a new window

    This factsheet looks at how your discharge following NHS treatment should be managed and looks at the care and support decisions you may be asked to make.

    From: Age UK

  • Ageist health carethis link opens in a new window

    Information on what you can do if you think you have been treated unfairly in the health or social care system because of your age.

    From: Age UK

  • Getting legal advice (PDF)this link opens in a new window

    Information aimed at people over 60, about obtaining and paying for legal advice in England and Wales.

    From: Age UK

  • Your human rights - guide for older peoplethis link opens in a new window

    Provides practical information about human rights and their relevance to older people.

    From: British Institute of Human Rights

  • Financial and legal tipsthis link opens in a new window

    Tips about organising your financial and legal affairs so that, if neccessary, they can be looked after by another person in the future. Includes details of power of attorney and appointeeship.

    From: Alzheimer's Society

  • Consumer advice for older peoplethis link opens in a new window

    Advice on purchasing services and what to do when buying a product or service goes wrong. Also includes information on whether you qualify for certain concessions which will save you money. Discover what they are and how to get the best deals.

    From: Age UK

  • Crime prevention for older peoplethis link opens in a new window

    Factsheet information for people over 60 on things you can do to protect yourself both inside and outside your home, including protection from marketing scams and identity theft. Also explains what to do after the crime.

    From: Age UK

  • Dental care and older peoplethis link opens in a new window

    Explains NHS dental care in England, paying for NHS treatment and help with NHS dental charges for those on a low income. Includes information on taking care of teeth and gums for people over 60.

    From: Age UK

  • Back to nature breaksthis link opens in a new window

    Information about different kinds of holidays or short breaks for older people.

    From: Age UK

  • Learning in later lifethis link opens in a new window

    Covers the benefits of learning later in life and how you can find information on learning opportunities in your area.

    From: Lifelong learning

  • Keeping fitthis link opens in a new window

    Information on keeping fit and healthy for the over 60s.

    From: Age UK

  • Holiday to your homelandthis link opens in a new window

    Information about visiting your country of origin, aimed at the over 60s.

    From: Age UK

  • Links provided by Advicenow Advicenow is an independent, not-for-profit website providing information on rights and legal issues. Links provided by Advicenow are hand picked from over 200 UK web sites by experienced advisers

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