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eleafletWill the council find me a home?

Depending on your situation, if you are homeless or about to become homeless, the local council may have to offer you somewhere to stay or to live, temporarily or longer term. But there is a set of rules that say when the council must help you.

When must the council help me?

You have to meet a number of conditions for the council to help you, to do with your own personal situation, and how and why you are homeless, or about to lose your home.

Am I 'in priority need' and 'eligible for assistance'?

'In priority need' and 'eligible for assistance' are two terms the council uses to describe people it must find a home for. Here's how to work out whether you fit into these groups.

Does it matter how I became homeless?

There are many ways you can find yourself homeless. Depending on how you became homeless, the council may have to find you somewhere long term or only for a short time.

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