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    eleafletHow can I help someone who is being abused?

    If someone you know is being abused, don't just ignore it, or hope it will stop.  There are steps you can take to protect the person being abused.  

    If a friend or relative is being abused, you can tell them about this website, or give them the leaflet produced by the Home Office called 'Violence, Financial Control, Emotional Abuse', which has advice on dealing with abuse. You can download it at link opens in a new window).

    You should try to be supportive and understanding.  Give the person time to talk and to work out whether they want to take action to stop the abuse. They may not be ready to take action yet. Any choice needs to be theirs. You may be able to offer practical help, such as the use of your phone, or having post sent to your address. Don't put yourself in danger - call the police if you think your friend or their children are at risk.

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