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eleafletCan I get benefits to help pay for care?

You may be entitled to certain benefits related to your need for care, and to help from the Independent Living Fund. And you may be able to get help with the rent or running costs of your home, too.

Can I get benefits to help pay for care?

You may be entitled to welfare benefits that help you pay for care, such as Attendance Allowance or Disability Living Allowance, and to extra money  (or 'premiums') in some means-tested benefits.

If you are under 65, you may be entitled to help from the Independent Living Fund.

You could be eligible for help with heating and insulation or repairs and improvements. And you may be entitled to reductions in council tax under the Disability Reduction Scheme if you are disabled and need, for example, extra space for a wheelchair, or an extra bathroom. You can read more about this on the Directgov website.

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Where can I find out more?

Your social worker may be able to supply information on benefits, and you can ask your local Age Concern office or Citizens Advice Bureau to do a benefits check for you.

You can also get information about claiming benefits from:

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What if I care for someone?

If you spend a lot of time caring without pay for someone, you may be entitled to Carers Allowance.

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What you can do now:

  • Find out about your local council's 'needs assessments' by entering your postcode here: Find out about a needs assessment by social services
  • Get help and advice from Age UK. (the new organisation formed by AgeConcern and Help the Aged)
  • Contact your local Age UK office for a benefits check. Find your local office
  • Speak to your social worker about direct payments
  • Call the Disability and Carers Service for information on Carers Allowance on their freephone line 0800 88 22 00.  Textphone 0800 24 33 55
  • Call the National Centre for Independent Living Advice Line on 0845 026 4748
  • Get advice now by calling 08001 225 6653.

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