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2 Employment

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1. Introduction

2. Do I need a contract of employment?

3. Do I have the right to work in the UK?

4. What is the least I should be paid?

5. How many hours can my employer make me work?

6. Does my employer have to recognise my trade union?

The law says that your employer may have to deal with a union for the sake of 'collective bargaining' (negotiating workers' terms and conditions).

If your employer doesn't voluntarily agree to deal with your union, and you want to use the law to force them to, you will need to meet various conditions, such as having a special vote by the workers. The Central Arbitration Committee deals with this. You can contact it for more details on getting your union recognised (see 'Further help' for details).

7. What if I´ve been dismissed unfairly?

8. Bringing a statutory claim for unfair dismissal

9. What if I´ve been made redundant?

10. Bringing a contractual claim for wrongful dismissal

11. What if I´ve been discriminated against?

12. What are my rights if I work part-time?

13. What are my rights if I´m having a baby?

14. Can I take leave as a new father?

15. What are my rights if I´m adopting a child?

16. What other leave can I get after my child is born or adopted?

17. Can I change my working arrangements if I have children?

18. Can I take time off if I am someone´s carer?

19. Further Help

20. About this leaflet


This leaflet is published by the Gurkha Free Legal Advice (LSC). It was written in association with Ian Hunter, Head of the Employment Department, Bird & Bird, Solicitors.

The leaflets are regularly updated but the law may have changed since they were printed so the information in them may be incorrect or out of date.

Leaflet Version: July 2007