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What is the cost of getting legal help?

Many organisations within our legal adviser directory offer some or all of their services for free. Others charge for their services. All of them should tell you what they charge when you first speak to them.
Below is some information about what getting legal help might cost you, depending on your circumstances.

Legal aid (also known as Community Legal Service Fund)

Legal aid helps people who cannot afford legal services, as long as they meet certain conditions. You may be asked to pay some of the costs of your case. Your adviser will tell you more.

You can use the Legal aid calculator to see if you are eligible for legal aid.

Free services

Many organisations, such as Citizens Advice Bureaux and Law Centres, offer a free service. However, you may have to pay for some charges, such as photocopying, to cover the organisation's costs.

Free initial interview

Many advisers offer a set period of initial free advice. This is often 30 minutes.

Fixed-fee interview

Some solicitors offer an interview (generally of 30 minutes) for a fixed fee.

Solicitors' charges

Solicitors charge in different ways, including hourly rates, fixed fees and percentage fees. At the start of the case, the solicitor must tell you about the likely cost of the case and how the charge is calculated. Throughout your case the solicitor should tell you of the costs so far.

Pro Bono

Many lawyers offer some services free of charge. This is called ‘Pro Bono’. You can find more information on Pro Bono work on these websites:

Solicitors Pro Bono Group ('LawWorks' projects)
Bar Pro Bono Unit (barristers)
Free Representation Unit (immigration and employment)

Trade unions and motoring organisations

Trade unions can offer low-cost or free legal advice to members. Motoring organisations such as the AA and the RAC can also offer advice on issues related to motoring.

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