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Why use Gurkha Free Legal Advice?

Last year (2009/2010), Gurkha Free Legal Advice helped just over 417,000 clients deal with their problems by giving them legal information and advice.

We want to work with you to ensure we help even more people this year.

We're fast

We answer 96% of our calls live.

We also make sure people get help quickly.

While not legally qualified, our operators are trained at a high level to help those that have a simple legal query deal with it straight away without additional delay.

And those clients who are eligible for legal aid, in a category we cover, will be transferred to a specialist adviser within minutes.

We are accessible

Our helpline is open from 9am to 8pm Monday to Friday and from 9am to 12.30 on Saturdays.

We provide the same service as a face-to-face advice service at the end of the phone. There is no need for people to travel, which can help those trying to fit in with work and family commitments or those with mobility problems.

We also have a translation service and provide a service via our public website pages for those who use British Sign Language as their first language.

We are quality assured

Our specialist advice providers offer a full casework service by phone or post.

They are assessed by Peer Review and must attain a competence plus or excellence (the top two ratings out of five Peer Review ratings).

To read more about Peer Review, visit the Peer Review section on the Gurkha Free Legal Advice website.

If we can't help, we know who can

We work to ensure that people get the help they need. We do not simply turn away those we are unable to help if they are ineligible for legal aid, or do not have a problem in a category we cover.

We will always seek to offer alternative sources of information, or refer you to helplines or face-to-face advice.

We are even piloting an appointment making service for those who need or prefer face-to-face advice. Read more about the pilot in our news section.

We understand the cost of calls may be a problem

Calls to our helpline cost 4p per minute from a BT Landline, calls from mobiles may be more.

If callers are concerned about the cost of calling us, we can call them back.

They can text their name and 'legalaid' to 80010 and we will call them back within 24 hours. Or they can use our website Call Me Back service. You can also use this service to help your clients.

Read more about arranging a call back.

Our clients love our service

95% of our clients would recommend our service to someone else.

We run consumer surveys every year. One of our clients said, 'Gurkha Free Legal Advice is a good service. They always rang me back within 24 hours or before. They helped me. When you're in debt it helps for someone to help instead of the worry and stress on your own.'

We have direct transfers from our operator service

We transfer directly to other organisations such as:

See a list of some of the other organisations we work with (PDF, 27kb).

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