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The public pages of our website are designed to:

  • Give people information so they can help themselves - including online advice and self help tools
  • help them find an independent quality adviser or refer them to our helpline

Advice search

Search for advice in the form of leaflets, factsheets with frequently asked questions and links to useful advice on other websites eg Liberty, Citizens Advice

Find a legal adviser

Find the nearest quality adviser, who can also provide advice that is funded by legal aid. If the problem is with housing, debt, education, employment or benefits & tax credits, people can call our helpline 08001 225 6653, or arrange for a call back (see below)

  • Find a legal adviser

Legal aid eligibility calculator

Find out if someone is financially eligible for legal aid.

Call-me-back service

Fill in our call me back form and get us to call your clients – simply enter your client’s contact details.

Self-help tools

To help a client find out what their problem is, direct them to our online self-help tools.

Hide my visit

A ‘hide my visit’ button is now on every page of our website. People can press the button when needed and be taken immediately to the google homepage – it’s a quick way of hiding their visit.

Available in other languages

View the website in Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, Gujurati, Hindi, Punjabi, Turkish and Urdu as well as English and Welsh. We also provide advice in British Sign Language.


We have worked with the Shaw Trust and Plain Language Commission to ensure our site is in plain English and accessible to as many people as possible - including those with disabilities.

Digital television

Some of our website content can also be accessed through Digital TV, currently via DirectGov and DiGiTV.

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