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Latest Statistics


  • We have increased the number of people we have helped to over 417,000 in 2009/10
  • We handled over 42,000 calls in March 2010
  • We answer 96% of our calls straight away
  • Between January and March 2010, the CLA helpline handled over 8,000 debt calls each month
  • 95% of our clients would recommend or have recommended the service


  • Approximately 2.2m visits were made to our website and 750,000 leaflets were downloaded from it during 09/10
  • 9,000 people contacted us for email advice in a 6 month period

We have helped...

The following information shows how many people we have helped in 2009/ 10

We have included both the number of people we help with general advice by our operators (under General Help) and the number of people who have been helped by specialist advisers (under Specialist Advice).

Statistics: April 09 - March 2010

General Help
No. of people helped by our operators 290,574
Specialist Advice
Debt 35,395
Employment 16,333
Housing 28,328
Benefits 26,724
Education 3,540
Family 16,525
Other 21
Total number of people helped by Specialist advisers 126,866

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