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Advice leaflets

Gurkha Free Legal Advice produces two ranges of advice leaflets, which can be downloaded or ordered:

Dealing with rent pdf iconDomestic abuse pdf iconFair treatment at work pdf icon

Call to action leaflets

Many people do not realise they have a problem that could be helped by legal advice.

Some also take a long time to recognise the need to take action and seek help. Our new range of leaflets has been designed after extensive research to encourage people to take the first steps to getting help.

You can view all our leaflets on the Gurkha Free Legal Advice website

Self help leaflets

These have more detail than the call to action leaflets.

People who are able to confidently help themselves mostly use them. They can also be used as an additional resource for advice providers.

These leaflets are no longer printed. They are now only available to download from our website.

How to order leaflets for your clients

To order printed versions of the call to action leaflets please download and complete our order form:

You can email the form to us, call 0845 3000 343, post or fax using the details on the form.

You can also order copies in English, Welsh , Braille and Audio.

If you would like to promote Gurkha Free Legal Advice to your clients and customers you can order promotional materials with our online Order Promotional Materials form.

Comments on any of our leaflets are welcomed through our feedback form.

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