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What can my employer deduct from my wages?

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What can my employer deduct from my wages?

Your employer can make statutory deductions, for example:

  • tax
  • national insurance
  • student loan payment
  • court order payment

Your employer can make additional deductions if:

  • your contract of employment says they can, and you were given a copy of that contract, or
  • you have agreed in writing that they can make these deductions, before they start doing so.

Your employer cannot make any other deductions. If they do, you can make an Employment Tribunal claim.

What can`t my employer stop from my wages?

Any or all of your wages including:

  • bonus or commission
  • holiday pay
  • sick pay
  • maternity or paternity pay
  • adoption pay
  • working tax credits
  • medical and maternity payments

Are you hoping to get back one of these?

Your employer has made other deductions from your wages.

In some circumstances you may still be able to recover the money; however, this would depend on the individual circumstances of your case. Please speak to an adviser, who may be able to advise you on further steps you can take. These may include starting a county court claim.

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